Smokefree DC is a citizen-based group whose goal is to promote smokefree environments in Washington, DC.

Smokefree DC urges D.C. Council to regulate e-cigarettes

Smoke from an e-cig

Little did I know when I testified before the D.C. Committee on Health this week about the need to regulate e-cigarettes that I was sitting next to a convicted felon.

Bruce Bereano, representing the Maryland Association of Tobacco and Candy Distributors, sat next to me on the first panel. He was pompous [...]

City responds to Smokefree DC's complaint about illegal hookah bars

flickr photo courtesy of Garry Knight

The D.C. government soon will notify hookah bars that are operating without an exemption to the smokefree workplace law that they are breaking the law.

Smokefree DC notified the city in April about more than half a dozen establishments that were permitting smoking indoors without having a certificate of exemption from [...]

New study: Secondhand smoke can harm those at outdoor bars, restaurants

Here’s some compelling evidence in support of making outdoor bars and restaurants smokefree: A new study shows that people who are exposed to secondhand smoke at outdoor bars and restaurants can suffer the same kinds of health effects as people exposed inside.

In the study, published in Environmental Health Perspectives, researchers collected urine and saliva samples [...]

Ruby Tuesday goes smokefree nationwide

Ruby Tuesday is going smokefree — in all 674 of its U.S. restaurants.

This is significant because few national restaurant chains have promulgated a national policy. Usually they abide by whatever the local law is.

Ruby Tuesday representatives said they made the decision for the comfort of their patrons and the health of their employees. The announcement [...]

North Carolina residents love new smokefree law

It always happens this way:  A city or state considers passing a smokefree workplace law that includes bars and restaurants. A hue and cry ensues. There is much debate, and some predict the end of civilization as we know it if the measure is enacted.

Then the measure passes. The sky, amazingly, doesn’t fall. Restaurants and [...]