Smokefree DC is a citizen-based group whose goal is to promote smokefree environments in Washington, DC.

A case for smokefree apartments and condos

Children who live in apartments are exposed to secondhand smoke even if no one smokes in their unit, a new study has found.

Researchers analyzed the blood of children who live in smokefree homes and found that kids living in apartments have a 45 percent increase in cotanine levels in their blood than kids who live [...]

Santa Clara makes apartments, condos smokefree

Three cheers to Santa Clara County, Calif., which just passed a law making apartments and condos smokefree. The law also applies to outdoor eating areas of restaurants and common areas of multiunit dwellings, the San Jose Mercury-News reports.

This is huge; the county is one of just a handful of jurisdictions, all of them in California, [...]

Guidelines to sharing walls omitted key point

Recently, The Washington Post ran an article containing guidelines about sharing walls with neighbors. It noted that “odors, especially from
smoking, are another fairly common complaint.” I sent a letter to the editor in, but it didn’t make it in. Here’s what it said:

Secondhand smoke is more than just a bad odor – it is a health hazard.
It [...]

Santa Monica says no smoking near apartments

Santa Monica’s City Council is forging ahead in protecting residents from secondhand smoke. The Council has passed a measure making apartment balconies and patios smokefree.

The new law makes areas within 25 feet of doors and windows of multi-unit buildings smokefree, the Santa Monica Daily Press reports. The city has already made outdoor dining areas and [...]

Making your apartment building smokefree: a how-to guide

Are you wondering how to make your apartment building smokefree?

The Non-Smokers’ Rights Association in Canada has developed a detailed guide to developing and implementing a smokefree policy in an apartment building. Although it is geared toward apartment managers, condo owners and residents who want to enact change in their buildings will find it useful as well.

Steps range from conducting [...]

Mass. Ave. apartment building goes smokefree

Good news: A new apartment building on Massachusetts Avenue is making itself smokefree from the start.

Better news: The building owners, Equity Residential, views this as a selling point, and touts it on its website.

More info. is on UrbanTurf: The building, located at Massachusetts Avenue and Fourth Street NW, has two towers and 559 units. Read the comments [...]

How to make a condo complex smokefree

If you are a condo owner and need some guidance about making your complex smokefree, here’s one resource to check out: “How to Make a Condo Complex Smokefree” from the Technical Legal Assistance Center, which is funded by the California Department of Health.

While the details pertain to California law, the overall advice is sound no [...]

New study: Most kids in apartments are exposed to smoke, even if they don't live with smokers

Children who live in apartments are exposed to secondhand smoke even if they live with non-smokers, according to a new study from the University of Rochester Medical Center. Researchers found that an astounding 84 percent of kids who lived in apartments had been exposed to tobacco smoke.

Amazingly, 70 percent of children in detached housing had  been exposed [...]