Smokefree DC is a citizen-based group whose goal is to promote smokefree environments in Washington, DC.

Philadelphia pools, playgrounds, recreation centers to go smokefree

flickr photo courtesy of lysbyth

Way to go Philadelphia; Mayor Michael NutterĀ has signed an executive order making the city’s pools, playgrounds and recreation centers smokefree.

The change takes effect July 1. It’s great news for parents who don’t want their kids to be exposed to the toxins in secondhand smoke. And great news for the kids [...]

American University student collecting butts to make point

American University student Noah Jacobs isn’t giving up.

Intent on making the school’s smokefree areas mean something, Jacobs recently took a bag full of cigarette butts in to the president’s office to make his point.

He also delivered a letter calling for the school to protect nonsmokers from secondhand smoke.

The president wasn’t there, but Jacobs showed the [...]

1,000 butts to be delivered to American University's president

Ramping up his effort to make American University’s smokefree areas mean something, student Noah Jacobs has been collecting cigarette butts from the ground on campus. They come from the areas that are supposed to be smokefree but aren’t, because students ignore the building setback signs.

Jacobs, a graduate film student who has produced a video about [...]

Cigar smoker agrees to pay neighbors when he lights up

This is unusual: A cigar-smoker who was taken to court by his neighbors has agreed to pay them $2,000 every time he lights up, the New York Post reports.

That should settle a lawsuit filed by a couple who said that their neighbor’s cigar smoke was sickening their children, ages 6 and 3. They were experiencing [...]

New York judge sides with nonsmoking tenant in lease dispute

Here’s a case that apartment management companies everywhere should pay attention to: A judge in Nassau County, N.Y., ruled that a nonsmoking tenant should be permitted to break her lease and pay reduced rent because her complaints about a smoking neighbor were not addressed.

The company had sued the tenant for $12,000 in unpaid rent. Here’s [...]