Smokefree DC is a citizen-based group whose goal is to promote smokefree environments in Washington, DC.

Traveling for Thanksgiving? Know this: Three of the busiest U.S. airports are not smokefree

It seems appropriate that right before Thanksgiving, when so many people take to the skies, the federal government should issue an analysis of smoking policies in airports around the country.

I was somewhat surprised that any U.S. airports allow smoking indoors. But they do.

Of the country’s 29 “large hub” airports — defined as airports that accounted for [...]

FDA rolls out cigarette warning labels; one highlights effects on nonsmokers

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has unveiled proposed warning labels for cigarette packs – a result of a law Congress passed last year that gives the agency regulatory authority over tobacco (the Tobacco Control Act). Specifically, the law requires nine new warning labels to be put on tobacco products along with color graphics [...]

Smokefree wins this week

South Dakota voters this week approved a comprehensive smokefree measure that will make almost all public places in that state smokefree, including casinos. The measure passed overwhelmingly.

And in several cities — including Fulton, Mo.; Jefferson City, Mo. and San Angelo, Texas, voters passed strong smokefree workplace measures that covered restaurants and bars.

So when are we [...]

Campaign to curb secondhand smoke outside AU buildings gains momentum

Noah Jacobs, an American University grad student who produced a film about the lack of clarity and enforcement of the school’s rules prohibiting smoking outside buildings, is making progress.

An Oct. 11 story in the Eagle, AU’s student newspaper, notes that more specific signs have been posted in some spots — and that students have abided [...]

Burger joint closes after court battle over exhaust fumes

An interesting item is in the Washington City Paper blog today. Rogue States, a popular burger place on Connecticut Avenue just south of Dupont Circle, will close after losing a court battle over its exhaust fumes, which apparently permeated nearby offices.

And not just any nearby offices; these  house the legal powerhouse Steptoe and Johnson. We’re [...]

Greece is going smokefree

Greece is going smokefree. According to CNN, the government’s slogan is “cut smoking, gain life.”

This should be interesting, because Greece has one of the highest rates of smoking among European countries — 42 percent of adults smoke. A whopping six of 10 workers surveyed said they are exposed to secondhand smoke at their workplaces every day. [...]

Ocean City contemplates smokefree beaches

Ocean City, Md., is considering making its beaches smokefree, the Baltimore Sun reports.

A town resident brought the idea to the Council, saying that smoking on beaches doesn’t fit with the town’s family-friendly image. Now the Council will hold a hearing on the idea after the city’s Oct. 18 elections.

This may seem radical for the East [...]

Don’t rely on ozone to clean the air

Ozone generators, used to get rid of the stik of cigarette smoke, do more harm than good, a new study shows.

The ozone mixes with nicotine to form more harmful chemicals that, because they are extremely small, can get deep into the lungs, according to researchers at the Univeristy of California’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

It has [...]

Heart attacks in England drop after smokefree law is passed

More proof of the health benefits of smokefree workplace laws: Heart attacks dropped 2.4 percent after England’s smokefree workplace law took effect in July 2007. That translates into 1,200 fewer people per year who are rushed to emergency rooms with signs of heart attack.

This is according to researchers at the University of Bath’s Tobacco Control [...]

New study: Most kids in apartments are exposed to smoke, even if they don't live with smokers

Children who live in apartments are exposed to secondhand smoke even if they live with non-smokers, according to a new study from the University of Rochester Medical Center. Researchers found that an astounding 84 percent of kids who lived in apartments had been exposed to tobacco smoke.

Amazingly, 70 percent of children in detached housing had  been exposed [...]