Smokefree DC is a citizen-based group whose goal is to promote smokefree environments in Washington, DC.

Bloomberg proposal for smoking policies is great idea

What a great idea.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is proposing that all apartments and condos in the city be required to come up with a policy on smoking and make it clear to prospective buyers and tenants.

He stresses that this is not, we repeat not, a ban.

What would this law do? It would require [...]

New York City makes parks, beaches smokefree

The New York City Council has voted overwhelmingly to make that city’s parks and beaches – including Times Square — smokefree.

We’re talking about 14 miles of beaches and 1,700 parks. The vote was 36-12, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg (champion of smokefree workplaces and early pioneer in making big cities smokefree) is expected to sign it [...]

Coming to New York City: smokefree parks?

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is considering making parks and beaches smokefree, The New York Times reports. Not only for health reasons — secondhand smoke drifts, he notes — but for litter reasons too (I’ve never quite understood why smokers who toss butts on the ground think the world is their ashtray).

“When you ask [...]