Smokefree DC is a citizen-based group whose goal is to promote smokefree environments in Washington, DC.

A chat with Fenty

On Monday at lunchtime, as I was walking down Connecticut Ave. NW  toward Dupont Circle to have my sandwich outside, I saw none other than Mayor Adrian Fenty standing outside Starbucks, campaigning.

“Great!” I thought. An excellent opportunity to finally get a response from the mayor to the request we sent him many months ago to [...]

D.C. candidate forum: entertaining, informative

I just got back from D.C. for Democracy’s candidate forum. It was quite an entertaining show. D.C. for Democracy did a great job running the forum and luring candidates – most of the people running for local offices showed up, including the Mayor Adrian Fenty, Council Chair Vincent Gray and five Councilmembers (Kwame Brown, Jim Graham, Phil [...]

Fenty disappoints: He signs cigar exemption, condemns workers to smoke-filled rooms

We just got word that Mayor Adrian Fenty has signed “emergency” legislation that will allow cigar smoking at two upcoming hotel events.

Shame on the mayor for letting down the hotel workers who will have to breathe toxins on those nights. And shame on the mayor for forcing workers to choose between their health and a [...]