Smokefree DC is a citizen-based group whose goal is to promote smokefree environments in Washington, DC.

Great news: American University, GWU to go smokefree in 2013

flickr photo courtesy of ryan gregor

Great news today: Both American University and George Washington University are going smokefree in 2013. American University also will go tobacco-free, meaning there will be no tobacco products on campus.

We could say “it’s about time,” but we’re just thrilled that the school administrators recognized the dangers of secondhand smoke [...]

American University student collecting butts to make point

American University student Noah Jacobs isn’t giving up.

Intent on making the school’s smokefree areas mean something, Jacobs recently took a bag full of cigarette butts in to the president’s office to make his point.

He also delivered a letter calling for the school to protect nonsmokers from secondhand smoke.

The president wasn’t there, but Jacobs showed the [...]

1,000 butts to be delivered to American University's president

Ramping up his effort to make American University’s smokefree areas mean something, student Noah Jacobs has been collecting cigarette butts from the ground on campus. They come from the areas that are supposed to be smokefree but aren’t, because students ignore the building setback signs.

Jacobs, a graduate film student who has produced a video about [...]

Towson University is now smokefree; other schools should follow suit

If you want to smoke at Towson University, you can’t — the entire campus has been smokefree since Aug. 1.

That’s great news, detailed by The Washington Post today. The bad news is that other area campuses haven’t followed suit.

The reason Towson went smokefree is to protect the health of nonsmokers, university officials told the paper. [...]

Campaign to curb secondhand smoke outside AU buildings gains momentum

Noah Jacobs, an American University grad student who produced a film about the lack of clarity and enforcement of the school’s rules prohibiting smoking outside buildings, is making progress.

An Oct. 11 story in the Eagle, AU’s student newspaper, notes that more specific signs have been posted in some spots — and that students have abided [...]

What smokefree zone? Video captures secondhand smoke problem at American University

American Smoke from Noah Jacobs on Vimeo.

American University is known for being progressive, with students who are environmentally conscious and a faculty that emphasizes public service in the curriculum.

So people may be surprised to learn that the school’s signs designating smokefree zones are so vague and poorly (read: not at all) enforced that no one [...]