Smokefree DC is a citizen-based group whose goal is to promote smokefree environments in Washington, DC.

The average Emergency Room waiting time for service in this

Canada Goose Parka Best Attractions and Business in Alexandria

Canada Goose Outlet Alexandria Region Canada Goose sale of LouisianaThe eight parishes (counties) of this region of Louisiana include buy canada goose jacket cheap Avoyelles, Catahoula, Concordia, Grant, LaSalle, Rapides, Vernon, and Winn Parish. In addition, the Alexandria Pineville statistical area in central to the region and to Rapides Parish is the hub for Services and Retail Business in Central Louisiana.

canada goose deals France had owned the area around Rapides Parish and the Red River until 1769, when she deeded the land to Spain. A trading post was established and saw commerce with Spain, France, England, USA, and Native America. France took over the land again in 1800 and sold it to the US in 1803. The area has been Canada Goose Outlet prosperous in logging and trapping, as well as agriculture and industry in the Canada Goose Coats On Sale past.

canada goose clearance sale In the 21st century, Downtown Alexandria itself canada goose uk shop has been undergoing massive Urban uk canada goose outlet Revitalization canada goose factory sale toward greener industries canada goose and business, creating abundant job openings,and attracting new residents from in and out of the state. Located in the center of Louisiana, Alexandria is a short distance form each of the Canada Goose Parka other seven regions and their unique and occasionally overlapping cultures, histories, cuisines festivals and other events.

canada goose coats Historically, many Alexandria city streets are names of well known World uk canada goose War II figures. pet shops workers, groomers, pet sitting service workers, dog breeders, some zoo workers (see bottom of Hub page), animal trainers for circuses or films and TV, and other positions.

buy canada goose jacket Largest Area EmployersRapides Regional Medical Center This large medical center canada goose coats on sale continues to expand and create new Medical and Healthcare related job openings. This creation is boosted by an entire page full of special incentives for NURSING (see Incentives). I find that Job Listings canada goose uk black friday at this medical center in “nursing” categories do not include a specific number to be hired and that canada goose clearance hiring is ongoing. The average Emergency Room waiting time for service in this medical center has been measured as only 24 minutes, on average.

canada goose black friday sale CLECO Electricity utility

canada goose Louisiana State University at Alexandria

buy canada goose jacket cheap Christus St.

Canada Goose Jackets The web site Alexandria Retrospective presents a timeline for the history of Alexandria, up through Canada Goose online its present revitalization and expansion with sister city Pineville. This site includes photos and descriptions of historic and popular landmarks around the Alexandria Pineville canada goose uk outlet area, Classified Ads from the 1950s, historic postcards, residents photo albums of special events, ans a World War 2 matchbook cover slide presentation that is very interesting a layout about the old Bentley Hotel.

canadian goose jacket General Dwight D. Eisenhower took over The Bentley in WWII as Officers’ Quarters for Himself and Generals Clark and Patton during the Louisiana Maneuvers. This is a reason that so many streets are named after WWII luminaries. These include canada goose clearance sale Admiral Halsey, General MacArthur, and General Clark.

Cultural RichnessThe Diocese of Alexandria reports through its long term canada goose coats records that the nature canadian goose jacket of the population of the Alexandria Pineville region hase been a rich tapestry of diverse threads. Some of these peoples include the French, Acadians, modern Cajun, Spanish, British, Czech, Polish, African, African American, Creole, and Native American. These are all seen in Mardi Gras buy canada goose jacket and Riverfest celebrations.

cheap Canada Goose The Diocese began as the Diocese of Natchitoches, 7/29/1853 and transferred 57 Canada Goose Jackets years later to Alexandria 8/06/1910. The Bishop Martin Historical Museum is located at 2nd Church Streets in historic central city Natchitoches.

A newer local festival initiated to celebrate all that is in Central Louisiana is called Cenlabration (Central Louisiana Celebration), held during Labor Day Weekend.

canada goose coats on sale Alexandria ZooThe animal exhibits at the Alexandria Zoo began in 1926 with pets that owners simply no longer wanted. Some werer thrown out by the side of the road.

The zoo cheap Canada Goose limped along with dogs, goats, rabbits, and perhaps a monkey and a bison until the 1970s when a Zoo Keeper was finally hired by the city. The cheap canada goose uk first Zoo Supervisor, Robert Leslie Whitt, was hired in 1974 and served until his death on August 16, 2008 just 6 days short of this 57th birthday, but after 14 successful years as a heart transplant recipient.

During Supervisor Whitt’s zoo tenure, hundreds of exhibits and animals arrived at the zoo, along with a permanent Vietnam canada goose black friday sale War Memorial. Workforce development program participants in the city helped to remodel and reconstruct old exhibits. As of 2008, this zoological park had become a world class installation praised by the renowned Jungle Jack Hanna and fully accredited by the AZA certification agency for zoos.

canada goose clearance The people and animals of Alexandria miss Les Whitt very much, but the zoo remains a major attraction in his honor. It attracts visitors and new residents and its ongoing expansion is likely to create additional jobs within the organization and among adjacent businesses in the Retail, Hospitality, and Entertainment Industries.

Canada Goose sale The Alexandria Zoo has been designated as the Top Family Friendly, Educational, and Tourist attraction in all of Central Louisiana. It contains a large canada goose store horticultural collection as well as animals, with its own bamboo grove; and is one of only 27 zoos globally to have Indo Chinese tigers. Visitors rates are extremely low and one can join the Friends of the Zoo group for free.

Canada Goose online This single attraction Canada Goose Online helps to make Central Louisiana a great place for Young Professionals to start families and pursue career advancement, although many Retirement Workers find happiness there, along with Mid Careerists.

Shallal, Graham, Allen top Smokefree DC candidate questionnaire

One thing was clear from the candidate questionnaires that Smokefree DC reviewed last week: Most candidates vying for office in the April 1 primary are spot-on when it comes to understanding some key secondhand smoke issues. At the same time, though, they are clueless about other secondhand smoke issues, often contradicting the logic they exhibited in a previous question.

In fact, we were pretty stunned by the variation within the same questionnaires — in one question, the candidate would recognize the health hazards of secondhand smoke, while in the next, he or she would express a market-forces-should-prevail opinion.

However, a few candidates stood out as fully grasping the fact that secondhand smoke is a health hazard, and that the right of nonsmokers to breathe clean air should trump a smoker’s desire to light up. Those who aced the questionnaire:

* Mayoral candidate Andy Shallal, who has been an early and longtime supporter of smokefree workplaces and made his restaurant/bar Mimi’s smokefree long before the law required him to do so;

* Councilmember Jim Graham, who also has been a longtime supporter of smokefree workplaces and  is running for re-election to his Ward 1 seat; and

* Charles Allen, who is contending for the seat of his former boss, Tommy Wells, in Ward 6.

Continue reading Shallal, Graham, Allen top Smokefree DC candidate questionnaire

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Earth Symbol: This is commonly known as a standard planetary symbol for Earth. Logically, the circle symbolizes the globe; the Earth itself. The cross has variable symbolic meaning (four “corners” of the earth, four directions, four seasons, four clans of mankind, four virtues, etc).

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E-cigarettes may be subject to Capitol smokefree policy

A move is afoot on Capitol Hill to protect nonsmokers from the unknown effects of the chemicals emitted by e-cigarettes.

According to a recent Politico story, some Democrats are calling for e-cigarettes to be included in the Capitol’s smokefree policy.

That’s absolutely the right thing to do, for two reasons:

1) We know that visible, smoke-like vapor comes out of e-cigarettes, but we don’t know exactly what chemicals are in the vapor; and

2) E-cigarettes look like cigarettes, and when they are used, they emit white vapor that looks and smells like cigarette smoke. Permitting the use of e-cigarettes in smokefree areas could cause confusion and prompt smokers of real cigarettes to light up.

The lawmakers who are pushing this sensible measure are U.S. Sens. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), Edward Markey (D-Mass.), Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), and U.S. Rep. Henry A. Waxman (D-Calif.).

They should be commended, and the D.C. Council should follow suit.

But you can be your own witness in a way and guide yourself in

cheap Canada Goose Hollywood will be all over the feminist movement

canada goose clearance sale Fans of Michelle Rodriguez have watched her play Letty Ortiz in the and Furious films for over a decade.

Canada Goose Parka Throughout her career, Rodriguez has taken on several tough, no nonsense characters from a police officer Canada Goose sale in to a boxer in Now the 38 Canada Goose Coats On Sale year old can be seen starring as a schoolteacher in the film adaptation of Eckhart Tolle 2008 novel, Secret.

canada goose store In the film, a young bullied boy (William Ainscough) canada goose factory sale is taught by his grandfather (Donald Sutherland) that focusing too much on the past and worrying about canada goose clearance sale the future prevents him from finding true happiness in the present.

Rodriguez opened up to CBS News about her unlikely new Canada Goose online role and also why she thinks a uk canada goose Hillary Clinton presidency will change Hollywood.

canada goose clearance Your character in Secret is slightly different than what we are used to seeing you play. What appealed to you about this role?

I guess when you are in your late 30s, you feel a little bit more maternal than when you a girl. There was also something really cool about a kid learning buy canada goose jacket alchemy. I think in a day and age when you have so much noise happening around you, it a beautiful message to have this kid reminded that he is human by his grandfather.

Canada Goose Jackets AlunaGeorge singer Aluna Francis breaks the mold

The film deals with this idea of being present. Could you relate to the boy story and the relationships in his life?

canada goose black friday sale I grew up in Jersey City, uk canada goose outlet so I don comprehend the psychology of kids today. I can understand that what I felt as a canada goose clearance kid physically with fights in the school yard are now verbal, but they have the same psychological effect. I thought it Canada Goose Jackets was a beautiful message for children every Canada Goose Outlet now and then to stop and canada goose evaluate their mind and what is Canada Goose Online most important to them.

canada goose deals Michelle Rodriguez as Ms. Ferguson in Secret the demands of your career, do you ever find it difficult to stop and be mindful and present?

I just as susceptible as the next person. I constantly have to reevaluate myself and everything I hold dear. Sometimes it helps to stop, breathe and just look at yourself. It like the idea of having cameras on cops. The awareness of having someone watch you just shifts your entire demeanor it changes the way you act. I almost certain everybody acts differently in front of people than when they are alone. But you can be your own witness in a way and guide yourself in the same way that you would if you were being watched.

Canada Goose online Luke Evans wants canada goose uk outlet more musicals, fewer superhero movies

canadian goose jacket How closely have you been following the wave of police killings we seen recently?

I seen all of it. I grew up in Jersey City with some of the worst police ever in my town. I had friends die at the hands of cops and have been seeing this violence for a long time. I only think there is attention canadian goose jacket being given to the subject now because we have an African American president, and I am grateful for it. Now I think we may need a woman to be president so we can bring some attention to women issues.

canada goose coats My buy canada goose jacket cheap 1st time vote is going to HillaryClinton. She’s a fighter. I remember watching her speak in Beijing addressing the UN in the 90 She was First Lady, her words were powerful, and she didn’t hold back. After that moment women were recognized and regarded by the UN for the 1st time in its canada goose uk shop history as humans deserving of HumanRights. It was her weight as 1st lady going all the way to China, risking international relations in the name of justice. Women from all over the world united for the 1st time ever at this scale in Beijing that year. South American, African, canada goose black friday sale Middle Eastern, Chinese. canada goose uk black friday I watched all of these women look to Hillary for Hope. I believe that her presence and the speech she gave as 1st lady carried a weight to canada goose coats it and affected the decisions made by all those male officials from UN when dealing with human rights women. That’s how I know she’s a fighter. I like that virtue over everything else. Are you encouraged by what out there? What more does Hollywood need to be doing?

buy canada goose jacket It really about getting that female out there. The symbolism behind a woman leading the Canada Goose Parka country is so powerful. I promise you if Hillary Clinton becomes president, Hollywood is going to be all over the feminist movement. It really sad that that how it is, but it hard to get into this business in cheap canada goose uk the first place, so I can understand why the guys are hogging it up with their own dreams. If I was a guy I don know that I would focus my career on dreaming for women, but you know it unequal.

canada goose coats on sale Fifty one percent of the population is female and 80 percent of the directors are guys. Same for producers, directors and heads of studios. I see lots of female studio heads who aren doing much for women. It really rough out there. Once people realize that women hold up half the world, it will balance itself out.

Canada Goose sale I love directors like JJ Abrams, James Cameron and Christopher Nolan. They are all open minded men who are really strong and have tendencies to write really amazing female characters because they see them as cheap Canada Goose equal. Each of them just see great characters canada goose coats on sale not a man or a woman, just a great person.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Can we expect to see you step behind the camera and write some of these roles yourself?

Canada Goose Outlet I on it. Believe me, I am not going to wait for some guy to dream for me. I know we have to take the torch ourselves and dream for ourselves. Be patient with me, I go out there and hold the canada goose store torch, for sure.

Occasionally, she is explicitly bulletproof and deflects

Hot Blooded Sideburns: Out of all heroes, Kenichi sports the most magnificent pair. Home Base: The Nanbara Connection, located in the coastline and protected by a Beehive Barrier. The Falcon Camp, located on a bird shaped pennisula and secretly doubling as a Cool Starship. The Space Daimobic, which has multiple functions of The Battlestar, Space Base and Mission Control). Humans Are Bastards: Plays with the trope, mixing it with. Rousseau Was Right: In a nutshell, many characters on both sides think humans are scum and they are not worthy of anything.

Canada Goose Jackets Wonder Woman. Twist: While very tough, is (usually) not bulletproof, but has bracelets that deflect bullets, as well as the ability to react at super speed. Then again, if you can take punches from Superman. Occasionally, she is explicitly bulletproof and deflects bullets solely as an intimidation thing. Another explanation of the bracelets/bullets thing is that she is your standard example invulnerable except against specifically piercing attacks (like bullets, spears, arrows, etc.), while the bracelets are the reforged Aegis of Zeus, which can stop any such attack. Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose sale When Natsuna and Wakagi show up at the Hawaiian airport looking for V, they’re told she sent a stand in. One woman, however, mentions since Sailor V was seen at the airport, it’s possible she’s really the girl who took her place. Heartbroken Badass: Minako is this at the end of the series. Emphasis on badass come time for her to make an appearance in the Sailor Moon manga. Henshin Hero Heroic Willpower: Subverted. Minako’s friend Hikaru is a frequent victim of the Dark Agency, but managed to completely resist the allure of DeBrine’s Rainbow Chocolates, being the only other person in the city besides Artemis and Wakagi to not be affected by them. Canada Goose sale

cheap Canada Goose In The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor this is one of the main plot devices. The main character is trying to pay for his grandmother’s hospital bills and his younger sister’s college education through RMT. He was inspired after finding his account for related website an old Korean MMO sold for about (as part of a company’s marketing campaign). When loan sharks come to take most of this money, he finds himself with enough to pay all of his family’s expenses for about two years, just enough to train in martial arts and study the new hit VRMMORPG Royal Road. (Currently in Korea, RMT is very common, to the point that it was just recently made an official taxable source of income.) The main character plans on becoming a professional in RMT. cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose Outlet Sidney is also Rob’s. Foreshadowing: Shortly after Rob saves Kavitha from the bullet, there’s a minor Art Shift and shhhhh sound. Also, Nina hissing at Kavitha. Lampshaded in the artist comments about Rob’s dad. Four Temperament Ensemble: With Rob as the Phlegmatic, Jamie as the Sanguine, Kavitha as Melancholic, and Sidney as the Choleric. Genre Savvy: Jamie, sometimes Sidney displays this. Good Is Not Nice: Saving the world is a responsible job. No place for incompetents, as Sidney is quick to demonstrate. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose clearance As of late 2016, the series has been in the process of being converted to VR, starting with the aforementioned Serious Sam related website VR: The Last Hope in October, and VR converted versions of the two halves of Serious Sam HD following in March and then April 2017. A pair of Compilation Rereleases also exist: Serious Sam Classics: Revolution combines the Classic versions of First and Second Encounter into one game, developed by an indie team of Serious Sam fans with help from Croteam, who themselves have created Serious Sam Fusion 2017, combining the HD versions of First and Second Encounter, their VR versions, and BFE, including the ability for the VR and “flat” versions of any one game to be able to play together; Croteam also promises a VR version of BFE and, possibly, a remaster of Serious Sam II. canada goose clearance

Canada Goose Online sale Even the ones who attack Link are heavily implied to be Punch Clock Villains. except Venser himself, who is the Big Bad. Oculothorax: Meta Arrghus. One Hit Kill: Can be done to Scourge in the Hall of Memories with a well placed Portal Sphere shot. Venser Reborn can use one of these that affects the entire screen. Thankfully, it can be canceled by hitting him with a sword slash or two sword beams, and it really only fits this trope in Hero Mode Canada Goose Online sale.

Douglas DC 4 piston engine airliners covered the route in just

beach waters swaming with crabs

cheap air max 90 However, unlike running shoes, walking shoes should have a thicker and more rigid heel for support as the foot strikes the ground heel first. Casual walkers will want a shoe without a flared sole, needing a thicker heel instead. “It’s thrilling,” said Barbara Walters, a 5th grade teacher and licensed pilot who instructs the after school class. “If we can get them to look at all the options available to them, including aviation and those tough math and science courses. cheap air max 90

That’s fine.” Both options should be acceptable, Culman says. But, by placing a reporter in different seats throughout the house, Culman also demonstrates the distinct theatrical experience each vantage point offers.. I had developed a friendship with many Greek shipowners who contracted ships for construction at Sparrows Point. When, one day in 1952, The Sun covered the launch of a Greek ship in Baltimore and Greek shipowners’ vociferous denials of McCarthy’s accusations the stories upstaged the McCarthy hearings and created resentment of The Sun within his staff..

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Richard J. Jones, professor of oncology and medicine who is co director of Hematologic Malignancies Programs at the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Hopkins.. I say this as a human being with a moral compass. Chanting about anything having to do with Sept.

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Powders is one of the oldest unit operations in the solids handling industries. For many decades powder blending has been used just to homogenise bulk materials. This Sept. 27, 2016 aerial photo shows the outskirts of Amman, Jordan. The second half opened with the sides exchanging a try each and then Altrincham scoring again to make it 15 35. This was the highlight of the match after which nothing further went right! Kersal’s defence started to look a little ragged and the Sandbach attack became more direct.

cheap nike shoes But, actually, she did. To quote Main Justice which, unlike Kelly, has done some real reporting on this case, “No voters at all in the Philadelphia precinct have come forward to allege intimidation. We made it a goal in the beginning of our season to win, so we definitely wanted to come out as hard as we could to accomplish that goal,” Barger said. “Severn is a team that never gives up cheap nike shoes.

“They need to understand the biological realities that go

I can face all my problems if you just stay by my side. I can gather the shattered pieces of my life with one hand if you are holding the other. I can live with my flaws if you just love me the way I am.

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So much so that he named his 2015 album after her

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Canada Goose Online sale Evil Counterpart: Played with in the case of Renault, though he’s far from evil. Both he and Rick once fought on the side of the angels, with Rick running guns in Spain and Renault fighting alongside the Allies in World War I. Both drifted to Casablanca and adopted a stance of bemused neutrality. Both go through women faster than cigarettes. However, whereas Rick gruffly offers aid to a lovestruck couple here, a freedom fighter there, Renault embraced the corruption and vice that came with his police uniform. Strasser is this to Laszlo. Both men are paragons of their factions. Curiously, both seriously underestimate Rick, albeit in different ways. Exotic Backdrop Setting: Native Moroccans canada goose sale only appear as extras in street scenes. Fat, Sweaty Southerner in a White Suit: The film isn’t set in the American South, but Signor Ferrari otherwise fits the description quite well. Film Noir: Heavy shadows, morally conflicted and deeply wounded cynical protagonist, Bittersweet Ending, Humphrey Bogart. yeah, it counts. Filming For Easy Dub: The classic final line, “Louis I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship” was thought up by the producer and dubbed in by Humphrey Bogart after filming was completed. Flashback: Of Rick and Ilsa’s time together in pre occupation Paris, and how exactly Ilsa left Rick. Flippant Forgiveness:Ugarte: You are a very cynical person, Rick, if you’ll forgive me for saying so. Canada Goose Online sale

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Canada Goose Outlet Christopher Maurice Brown (born May 5, 1989) is an American singer/rapper. He exploded on the music scene when he was just 15 years old, scoring a number one hit “Run It!” from his first self titled album and is considered to be one of the singers to claim Michael Jackson’s “King of Pop” title. His Hip Hop infused R style and dance moves made him a perfect teen heartthrob. Will Tutt, 3 episodes (2007) Stomp The Yard Duron Williams (2007) This Christmas “Michael ‘Baby’ Whitfield” (2007) Takers Jessie Attica (2010) Think Like a Man Alex (2012) Battle of the Year Rooster (2013)The musician showcases examples of: Auto Tune: “Nobody’s Business” with Rihanna. “Yeah 3x” uses it as well. Boastful Rap: “Look At Me Now”. Break Up Song: “Say Goodbye” and “Deuces” Cursed with Awesome/Wangst: “Lucky Me” Daddy’s Girl: His daughter, Royalty. So much so that he named his 2015 album after her. Face Heel Turn: Musically, he has gone from good boy stuff like “With You” and “Say Goodbye” to bad boy tracks like “Deuces” and “Loyal”. The first track on the Royalty album (the album dedicated to his daughter) is a Intercourse with You song sampled from Marvin Gaye. Intercourse with You: Plenty of them, starting with “Take You Down” off Exclusive. Right Through His Pants: The video for Refuge in Audacity: In “I’m Still”:”You nias mad cause you fuckin’ with them regular hos and ain’t none better than my Asian.” Canada Goose Outlet.