Smokefree DC is a citizen-based group whose goal is to promote smokefree environments in Washington, DC.

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Say Tim Culkin and Austin Lynch, proprietors of this exceptional guesthouse like cushions. They arrive a bit pummeled but we try to send them off plumped up again. They also leave delighted by the beauty of the small but sensational garden, recently featured on Alan Tichmarsh’s Britain’s Best Gardens.

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Among all the Diwali celebrations around the world, celebrating Diwali in Delhi is usually grand. Everyone in the city is entangled in the joy of Diwali. It is at this time, when the whole city comes alive and shows its true self. How can I teach her to fall asleep without swaddling?A. Swaddling is one [...]

This group, the Foundation for the National Institutes of

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conservatives want to bypass usual way to amend constitution

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In 2011, Warnock said he would always hold a grudge against the Spaniard for fielding a weakened team against his relegation rivals. “You don’t ever forget things like that. I’ll always remember that. The best jokes from Edinburgh Festival Fringe this year from Mark Watson, Imran Yusuf and moreComedians from all over the world are [...]

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