Smokefree DC is a citizen-based group whose goal is to promote smokefree environments in Washington, DC.

Today, the 34 year old is an award winning filmmaker and

Odd that I would stop by here today for the first time in over a year wondering if you had come back to this. Appropriate that I feel a sense of this transience after living there for 37 years (outside of college) and having been gone for the last 7. It a fine city, and [...]

It’s about getting people to come back to the platform

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Earth Symbol: This is commonly known as a standard planetary symbol for Earth. Logically, the circle symbolizes the globe; the Earth itself. The cross has variable symbolic meaning (four “corners” of the earth, four directions, four seasons, four clans of mankind, four virtues, etc).

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It can be used as a shielding gas for welding

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This festival marks the start of Spring in the old Roman

The Somare family made its first real estate purchase in Cairns in 2007, when Michael Somare bought an apartment in Parramatta Park north of the city for $349,000. The following year, his Australian educated son, Arthur, minister for public enterprises, bought a home at Trinity Beach north of Cairns for $685,000. Somare’s daughter, Dulciana Somare [...]

Yet, teens aren’t going to be keen on getting tucked in with a

Spencer is seen using racial slurs and dropping his pants in an episode of Sacha Baron C. Mark Hausknecht, former President George H. W. Award exemplifies the guiding principles of standards and their impact on innovative technology collaboration, says Pat Speer, Editor in Chief of Insurance Networking News. Result speaks volumes about how these elements [...]

Witch hunting and giving out private personal details of other

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I stopped in Dubai for a few days on the way to Australia. I wanted to break up the journey but also after the winter we have had I needed some sun before starting the season. I hadn’t been there long before one of the 2018 drivers settled down on the sun lounger next but [...]

Examples of this include things like “this person deserves

LeanMeanKorean comments on Casually Explained

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