Smokefree DC is a citizen-based group whose goal is to promote smokefree environments in Washington, DC.

Leden zijn liberaal en conservatief

Een petitie waarin Mike Pence wordt gevraagd de evolutie in de naam van religie te verbieden

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The scarcer the car is, the more expensive it will be

Acuerdo con nuestro registro, 104 nias estn desaparecidas, incluyendo mi hija de 16 aos, Fatima. Esas son cifras que hemos recopilado de padres que no han visto a sus hijas desde la escuela. Ellos nos dijeron que haban visto algunas nias, pero el gobernador nos dijo ayer que no las haban encontrado dijo Manzo..

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His approach to the craft was strictly improvisational. “I’m not concerned with trying to teach you how to think on your feet,” he would say. “I want you to learn how to write on your feet.” Always had to be a beginning, middle and end. 2. Now that you’ve selected the channel, run your mouse [...]

For instance you have to have a skill level of 60 in one hand

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Here you can control the size and strength of your brush (as

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Their lighter frame ensures ease of calving

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Hes traditionally a shooting guard but as a starter we ran him

Humble Bundles let you use a sliding scale to choose which percentage of your payment goes to either the game developers, the site, or charity. But we have so few people (relatively) that actually vote. This would be a mandatory “you have to decide where your taxes go” that wouldn require someone to head to [...]

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It’s another week of crucial matchups with playoff implications,many of which are overshadowed by increasingly typical NFL messiness. The Giants hosed out the stables with the firings of their head coach and general manager and the reinstatement of their franchise quarterback. Rob Gronkowski got served his medicine for his blatantly cheap shot on the Bills’Tre’davious [...]

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