Smokefree DC is a citizen-based group whose goal is to promote smokefree environments in Washington, DC.

The more you write the more practice you will get

Fourteen months after Mr Ricketson was arrested and charged for flying a photographic drone over a political rally in Phnom Penh, the court opened the trial, in which the accused faces up to ten years in prison on espionage charges that have been panned as disproportionate to the alleged crime.Acclaimed Australian film director Peter Weir took the stand as the defendant’s first witness, and after a tedious back and forth regarding the specifics of his family and his work, Mr Weir opened a door for the prosecution, which is yet to provide any evidence to support allegations that Mr Ricketson posed a threat to ‘s national security.At one point, Mr Weir, who had been candid and anecdotal in more than two hours of questioning, threw his hands in the air and turned to the gallery with raised eyebrows after a judge instructed him to give short, simple answers to questions such as: “How much money has James received from the Australian Government?”"I’m not his accountant,” said Mr Weir, who went on to become close with Mr Ricketson after mentoring him at film school in the 1970s.”I’m not his keeper; I’m his friend. How do you describe a friendship? Its not a legal thing.”Nevertheless, the judges went on probing, and kept the court in session more than an hour beyond schedule.Mr Ricketson has been a frequent visitor to over more than 20 years, making films, doing charity work and criticising the government of Prime Minister Hun Sen, whose n People’s Party confirmed a monopoly of parliament this week, taking all 125 seats in last month’s general election.The Australian arrived at the court in familiar fashion on Thursday, calling from the prison van as it pulled through a throng of media personnel.”There is no victim. There is no complainant.

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