Smokefree DC is a citizen-based group whose goal is to promote smokefree environments in Washington, DC.

Equity, debt, gold these all are terms Designer Fake Bags you

This isn’t any different,’ she said.After all, there is no guilt or shame attached to taking most other kinds of medication.Ultimately, I never want to goback to how things were before I went on antidepressants.Feeling OK, staying well and being able to cope is a far better than suffering and being in pain.I’ve had a lot of (unsolicited) advice from people, including friends, telling me I should try to overhaul my diet by cutting out dairy, sugar and meat instead of continuing to take antidepressants.I’ve also been told to ‘just get outside’ or to try a new hobby so as not to become reliant on taking medication. For me, suggestions like this just reassert the fact that there is still a stigma attached to talking openly about taking antidepressants.I understand that some of these ideas might help others, but I find it unhelpful and unnecessary to be told how I ought to treat and manage my anxiety and depression.I like to think of taking antidepressants as a sign of strength, not weakness. It reminds me that even as a terrified teenager, I was brave enough to open up and seek help..

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high quality replica bags But with more scope for investors now more than ever, and a variety of funds to invest in, one can start considering investments in this medium.But mutual funds can be of various types and it may confuse a new entrant with regards to the field they are entering.Equity, debt, gold these all are terms Designer Fake Bags you may have heard of when reading on funds but not quite sure where to start with or which one most suits your needs.We tell you some basics of these funds, how they work and what are their tax implications.By investment object there are broadly four categories of funds equity, debt, money and gold.Under this equity has further categories like large cap, small cap, mid cap and even sectoral and thematic funds.While some funds may be a combination purse replica handbags of more than one type of fund if a fund invests more than 65 per cent of their portfolio in stocks, they are generally considered as equity funds.ELSS also comes under these category of funds. Since investing in this category is closely related with market movements, it requires you to do thorough research before you can start investing.Debt funds on the other hand pool money raised from people and invest it in fixed income instruments like government bonds, corporate bonds, non convertible debentures and other highly rated instruments.So short term investors generally do not find any gain in opting for these funds as they require a longer commitment period.There are short term bods too but their volume cheap replica handbags in the market is not as much as the long term ones.Liquid funds meanwhile, are open ended schemes that invest in debt and money market instruments with maximum maturity of up to 91 days only.This strategy helps in mitigating risk arising out of interest rate volatility, provide high liquidity to portfolio and generate stable income.The returns may be Replica Designer Handbags tapered, and not as great as equity funds but they are safe options, especially for those high quality replica handbags looking for an alternative to their fixed deposits.Equity Replica Bags funds can be said to be the riskiest of the lot as they are directly affected by market movements.As they invest in stocks, any change in share prices will have a corresponding impact on the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the fund.Despite the risk factor, one should remember that Fake Designer Bags a good equity mutual fund scheme will invest their corpus in multiple companies or industries providing diversification which makes it less volatile as compared to equity markets.Debt funds are long term and thus less liquid as they primarily invest in rated bonds and in which defaults are rare. Government bonds are generally considered risk free, but may take a long time to convert.Corporate bonds Fake Handbags on the other hand are rated by different credit rating agencies which allow the investor to gauge the risk of the investment.Even in the case of debt funds, bond prices are sensitive to interest rate changes.They may be safer than equity funds, but are not totally risk free.If we are to make a general assessment, in volatile times debt funds are generally considered as a good investment.But when times are good with markets booming, equity funds are a feasible wholesale replica designer handbags source to seek returns.Liquid funds are the least risky of them all high quality replica bags.

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