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Their lighter frame ensures ease of calving

buy canada goose jacket cheap World Famous French Beef Cattle Breeds

Canada Goose Parka Limousin is world famous for Limousin cattleYou may well not have heard of Limoges or Limousin; I know that before I started to look for a new and affordable life in the country I hadn’t heard of either of them, and yet, this rural region of S W France is world famous for its beautiful Limoges porcelain and beautiful cheap Canada Goose red Limousin cattle. The Limousin bull is a magnificent beast and Limousin cows and bulls share pastures together all the year round.

Canada Goose Jackets The limousin cattle (sometimes misspelt Limousine cattle / Limousine bulls or Limousine cows) have evolved to survive in this region. The area is unspoilt, sparsely populated by humans and undeveloped, so it is rich in natural beauty and full of wildlife. The area is varied geographically as the eastern side is highland and near the massive canada goose central, Canada Goose online but to canada goose factory sale the west uk canada goose outlet and south west it borders the Charente and the Dordogne and there canada goose clearance in the lower slopes and gently Canada Goose Online rolling hills, the weather is much kinder with warm summers and milder winters.

canada goose In general the farming is ‘backward’, in tune with nature and, to some extent, farming according to the ancient traditions and canada goose store herbicides and pesticides are kept to a minimum; as a uk canada goose result the fields and meadows are rich in a variety of herbs and in spring and summer they are full of wild flowers.

canada goose clearance There are at least two national nature reserves canadian goose jacket in this region, Le Parc Naturel de Prigord Limousin and Le Parc Naturel Rgional de Millevaches en Limousin.

Origins of the Limousin Cattle RaceThe original Limousin cattle are an old breed, and many sources suggest that their ancestors are depicted in the 20,000 year old paintings on the walls of the Lascaux Canada Goose Parka Caves near Montignac, France. The La Ferrandaise cattle from the Canada Goose sale Auvergne, a region bodering on the Limousin, is even more like the canada goose coats animal depicted here, (see image below).

cheap Canada Goose These golden red cattle originated in the high plateaus of the Limousin area, East of Limoges. This area is West of the Massif Central between Central and South West France, a very green area benefiting from sufficient rain, with warm summers but cold winters that can be rather harsh. These upland areas have poor, acidic granite soil which support moorland plants and trees. Limousin cattle developed to flourish under these unfavourable conditions and as a result they are tough animals.

In the past the Limousin region was isolated and the farmers developed their cattle in accordance with nature and with little outside genetic interference. Their cattle were canada goose uk store used as working animals, for beef and for milk. I know

canada goose clearance sale of farmers who have been hospitalized after being gored canada goose uk black friday by their own cows, (yes

cows not bulls). Here in Limousin the cows grow long, pointed horns, much like

canada goose coats those depicted in the cave paintings, and the farmers tend not to cut them. I

canadian goose jacket was never afraid to go into a cheap canada goose uk field of Friesian cows in England but here is no

way I would get into a field of Limousins.

Canada Goose Outlet Limousin bulls graze with the cowsHappy families: Let nature take her course:

Canada Goose online In Limousin the herd is managed naturally too. The fields are full of cows with their bull and calves. The calves are born all the year round outside in the fields and you can see them still suckling from their mothers even though they are nearly as big as their mums. This is something the French take great pride in, and you can see the big, brown tourist information signs advertising this fact as you enter the region.

canada goose store Limousin bulls live with buy canada goose jacket cheap the cows and calvesLimousin cows, pure and cross bred, have demonstrated high fertility, a good milking Canada Goose Outlet ability, high conception rate and ease of calving. Naturally hardy and thrifty the females are smaller buy canada goose jacket than most continental suckler dams allowing for increased stocking rates on both upland and lowland systems.

The bulls mature early canada goose uk shop and are known for their fleshing qualities, lighter bone, fertility, and for the extra conformation they pass to all progeny, whatever the dam. Their lighter frame ensures ease of calving.

canada goose deals Limousin BeefThe Limousin has the ability to produce more saleable meat in the high price cuts along with the top killing out percentage. The breed provides young but mature beef in the medium weight range demanded both by butchers and supermarkets. It is well suited to a market, which requires a consistent, quality, lean beef product.

Canada Goose sale Grass fed beef

canada goose black friday sale Here in Limousin, the cattle are reared outdoors in fields and in woodlands. There are natural ponds and lakes, chestnut and oak woods and the meadows are full of herbs and flowers. In the winter they are fed on hay cut in June, and on the maize plants grown in this area for the cows. Interestingly, you can’t always find corn on the cob in the supermarkets in our area as the locals regard it as animal feed!) The natural ways of rearing cattle are now being better understood and in many parts of the world there is a return to the canada goose clearance sale production of Canada Goose Jackets grass fed beef and cattle.

buy canada goose jacket In Britain and canada goose black friday sale the USA there is a growing revolt against industrial agriculture. With more consumers questioning how their food is grown, grass finished meat and dairy look like the next food frontier. ranchers canada goose uk outlet have canada goose coats on sale switched herds to an all grass diet. Pure pasture Canada Goose Coats On Sale raised beef still represents less than 1% of the nation’s supply, but sales reached some $120 million last year and are expected to increase more than 20% a year over the next decade.

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