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Studies have suggested that high fiber diets result in larger

A reliable home remedy to Constipation

canada goose clearance sale What Is Occassional Constipation?Constipation, as defined by Medical Dictionary, is an acute or chronic condition in which bowel Canada Goose sale movements occur less often than usual or consist of hard, dry stools that are Canada Goose Outlet painful or difficult to pass. As defined by Wikipedia, Constipation refers to bowel movement that are infrequent or hard to pass.

However, an occasional condition that leads to infrequent or difficult bowel movements, canada goose uk outlet and often associated with pains or straining while passing hard, dry stools is what I Canada Goose Parka referred to as Occasional Constipation.

Before writing cheap canada goose uk this important and educative article, I have experienced this occasional constipation and can give a first hand personal description of the causes, symptoms and the treatment of constipation with Castor Oil.

Canada Goose online What Experts Say About Constipation

cheap Canada Goose Because the function of the large intestine canada goose clearance sale or colon is to absorb water, delayed transit of fluid through buy canada goose jacket the colon leads to constipation with hardening of the stools and infrequent bowel movements.

canada goose black friday sale As a rule, if more than three days pass without a bowel movement, the intestinal contents may harden to the point that the person may have difficulty or even pain during elimination.

canada goose According to The American Gastroenterological Association, although it may be extremely bothersome, constipation itself usually is not serious. However, particularly canada goose uk black friday if it occurs over a short period of time, it may signal and be the only noticeable symptom of a serious underlying disorder such as cancer.

Constipation can Canada Goose Coats On Sale lead to complications, such as hemorrhoids caused by extreme straining or fissures caused by the hard stool stretching the sphincters. Bleeding can occur for either of these reasons and appears as bright red streaks on the surface of the stool. Fissures may be quite painful and can aggravate the constipation that originally caused them. Fecal impactions tend to occur in very young children and in older adults, and may be accompanied by a loss of control of stool, with liquid stool flowing around the hard impaction.

buy canada goose jacket Occasionally, straining causes a small amount of intestinal lining to push out from the rectal opening. canada goose uk shop This condition is known as rectal prolapse and may lead to secretion of mucus Canada Goose Jackets that may stain underpants. In children, mucus may be a feature of cystic fibrosis. The Normal Colon The colon, which is about six feet long, connects to the small intestine canadian goose jacket at one end and to the rectum and anus at the other end.

canada goose coats on sale The major function of the colon is to absorb water and salts from digestive products that enter from the small intestine. Two quarts of liquid matter enter the right colon uk canada goose outlet from the small intestine each day. This material may remain there for several days until most of the fluid and salts are absorbed into the body. The stool then passes through the colon uk canada goose by a pattern of movements to the left side of the colon, where it is stored until a bowel movement occurs.

canadian goose jacket Normal colon motility (contraction of intestinal muscles and movement of its contents) is controlled by nerves and hormones and by electrical activity in the colon muscle. The electrical activity serves as a “pacemaker” similar to the mechanism that controls heart function. Movements buy canada goose jacket cheap of the colon propel the contents slowly back and forth, but mainly from the rectum.

Other Types, Causes and Symptoms of ConstipationAmerican Gastroenterological Association in one of their articles; understanding constipation described Constipation as a symptom, not a disease. According to the article, Constipation, like fever, can be caused by many different conditions and most people (like me) have experienced occasional episode of constipation that was corrected over time with proper diet and treatment.

Canada Goose Outlet Below are highlights of canada goose black friday sale other common causes of Constipation.

canada goose store Poor Diet: One of the main causes of constipation is diet very high in animal fats (meats, dairy products, eggs) and canada goose coats on sale refined sugar (rich desserts and other sweets), but low in fiber (vegetables, fruits, whole grains), especially insoluble dietary fiber, which helps move bulk through the intestines and promote bowel movements. Studies have suggested that high fiber diets result in larger stools, more frequent bowel movements and, therefore, less constipation.

Canada Goose Jackets Poor Bowel Habits: Someone can initiate a cycle of constipation by ignoring the urge to have a bowel movement. Some people do this to avoid using public toilets, others because they are too busy. After a period of time, a person may stop feeling the urge. This leads to progressive constipation. Children may also suppress the urge canada goose coats during toilet training or when going to unfamiliar rest rooms, as in school, and this can progress to constipation later in life. Studies show that suppressing the urge to have a bowel movement may slow down the transit through the colon or lead to incomplete relaxation of Canada Goose Online the pelvic canada goose clearance floor muscles, thus holding back stool.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Pseudo Constipation: The false belief that one is constipated is very common and results from misunderstandings about what is canada goose normal and what is not. If recognized early enough, this type of constipation can be cured by the patient’s physician explaining that the frequency of his or her bowel movements is normal. One example is when a person has a bowel movement canada goose factory sale less frequently than once a day. While Canada Goose online this is still normal, it is believed to be abnormal. Another example is when an individual feels abdominal discomfort and tries to have a bowel movement but can’t, however the stool has not yet reached the rectum to be properly eliminated.

canada goose clearance Travelling: Some travellers often experience constipation when traveling long distances, which may relate cheap Canada Goose to changes in lifestyle, schedule, diet and drinking water, or some evacuation difficulties when using other toilets.

Pregnancy: Pregnancy is another common cause of constipation, which may be partly due canada goose store to hormonal changes during pregnancy. Marks

Canada Goose sale Common Symptoms of Constipation include:Straining to have bowel movements

canada goose deals Hard and/or small stools

canada goose coats Sense of incomplete evacuation after bowel movementsAbdominal bloating (make or become swollen with fluid or gas), occasionally distension.

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