Smokefree DC is a citizen-based group whose goal is to promote smokefree environments in Washington, DC.

Since then the grave site has been visited by legions of fans

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canada goose clearance Who was Eleanor Rigby? The secrets of the woman whose death inspired The Beatles hitThe deeds to the grave of Eleanor Rigby are due to be auctioned, along with the original score to the song released as a B side to Yellow Submarine14:17, 21 AUG 2017Rare Beatles items up for auction including John Lennon’s signed school music book and Ringo Starr’s suede stage bootsEleanor was born on August 2, 1895 in Woolton, Liverpool, and lived in the same house as her grandparents, close to John Lennon’s childhood home.Her full name was Eleanor Rigby Whitfield, but her grandfather had used the name Rigby to keep the family name going.When her father died when she was 15, Eleanor’s mother remarried and had two girls, Edith and Hannah, who were to be Eleanor’s half sisters and later the key to her grave being discovered, according to the Daily Mail.Eleanor did not wed until she was 35 ancient by early 1900s standards and married railway foreman Thomas Woods. The couple were apparently unable to have children.She died on 10th October 1939 a month after World War Two had broken out after suffering a brain haemorrhage, in the same house in Woolton where she had been born.The deeds to her grave emerged when an estate owned by Eleanor’s two half sisters was left to a relative when the pair died within a month of each other in 2001. The grave deeds had been purchased by her grandmother in 1915.Since then the grave site has been visited by legions of fans eager to experience a slice of Beatles history.Eleanor Rigby’s gravestone was in the graveyard where McCartney and Lennon met at the Woolton Village garden fete in 1957, a highlight of the social calendar in the area.The pair would regularly take shortcuts through the cemetery before they formed the supergroup, and McCartney has previously suggested the name may have popped into his subconscious as they were passing through.Another stone nearby canada goose sale apparently had the name ‘McKenzie’ on it which may too have subconsciously inspired one of the other characters in the song Father McKenzie.In 2008 a salary register from 1911 from Liverpool City Hospital emerged, which included the name and signature of Eleanor Rigby who was identified as a 14 year old scullery maid working there a the time.The document had been donated to the Sunbeams Music Trust by McCartney in 1990. canada goose clearance

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