Smokefree DC is a citizen-based group whose goal is to promote smokefree environments in Washington, DC.

It may not be Marrakesh or Isfahan

The day turned deadly when a car plowed into a crowd of peaceful anti racism protesters, killing 32 year old Heather Heyer. A Virginia State Police helicopter deployed in a large scale response to the violence then crashed into the woods outside of town and both troopers on board died.Rain From Monster Hurricane Irma Begins Hitting Puerto RicoThe violence had been building for months during a series of confrontations between members of the “alt right” a loose collection of white nationalists, racists and anti immigration populists and people who oppose them. It began the very day Trump put his hand on a Bible and took the oath of office.

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replica celine bags Every weekend when the weather is good, that primal urge to bargain transforms a derelict drive in movie theater and former roller rink on North Point Boulevard into the modern equivalent of the ancient bazaar.It may not be Marrakesh or Isfahan, but the North Point Arena Flea Market one of a half dozen flea markets in the area can draw up to 440 sellers and 6,000 customers on a bustling summer Sunday, backing up traffic along the boulevard for a quarter mile.They come from as far away as New York to buy or sell the outgrown and the outmoded, the surplus and the scratched, the dented and the disposable.Laid out in the late summer sunshine yesterday were rods and reels, old televisions, used Nintendo players, new NRA caps, car jacks, teapots, beer glasses, cordless phones, power saws, screwdrivers, rusty levels, bowling balls, old ice skates, Confederate flags, Desert Storm T shirts, BB guns, heavy metal CDs, and stacks of record albums, including “The Mamas and the Papas: Sixteen of Their Greatest Hits.”This tangle of merchandise sat on folding tables and blue tarpaulins and old blankets and cardboard boxes.It spilled out of about 260 pickup trucks and Blazers and Econolines and Club Wagons and other vehicles, most parked rear end up along the gently rolling aisles of the former drive in. About 180 part time merchants set up shop inside the former roller rink.Conrad Allen, 32, his long blond hair straying out of his blue cap, has a job selling housewares in a store during the week. But yesterday, he was in the motion picture business, working out of the back of a truck.He and his partners bought the leftover stock of a video store that went belly up, and he’s trying to unload videocassettes with titles such as “Blood Cult,” “Messenger of Death,” “Alice to Nowhere” and “Morons from Outer Space.” He’s asking $10 for three.”This was what was left after they took out all the ‘A’ stuff,” he said cheerfully replica celine bags.

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