Smokefree DC is a citizen-based group whose goal is to promote smokefree environments in Washington, DC.

Many people wear their clothes to send a message

On Monday, Dec. 3, 1979, vapors leaking from a gasoline storage tank at the Mobil Oil facility in Torrance ignited, causing a major explosion. Three people were killed. I followed the links advertising this kind of stuff. After reading about Wealthy Affiliate and what it could offer (which I have briefly outlined below) I thought [...]

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Business trips abroad could endanger your data

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If you do your homework, you can probably find a service that

As I said, I voted for Obama because I was not pleased with Celine Replica McCain’s poor judgement in selecting Sarah Palin who was too inexperienced to hold the vice presidency. My worry is that John McCain has had health problems and he spend a horrible five years in a Hanoi prison camp. Little did [...]

They stuck by me throughout my career and the ups and downs of

replica ysl bags Goal here is that this will not be something that we will have happen in the next three months, six months, ever again. Staff are paying especially prudent attention to what going on in that plant. Said the CFIA is in constant contact with its American counterparts at the United States Department [...]

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Cost is $20 per person at the door

Between the Eichel vs. McDavid storyline and the Blackhawks prospects skating for Team USA, there is also something tangible at stake for both teams: the top seed in their group. Earning that spot would mean that they could avoid a tough matchup against Sweden in the semi final of the tournament, and it would also [...]

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How to Make a Scary Scarecrow Mask With Moveable Jaw

This is my first instructable so bare with me please. Sheet of Bristol Board (Or cardstock) Yellow construction paper Duct Tape canadian goose jacket Scissors Burlap Canada Goose sale (I have a whole bunch of this stuff that ive been using over and over for decorating [...]

Sometimes it would come on and sometimes it would not

Last week during the Take Back America Conference 2008, Bill O’Reilly sent his traveling gang to ambush Jesse Jackson, Arianna Huffington and Bill Moyers. Then he used the clips in smear segments filled with hateful name calling and distortions. Tonight he had Tanya Reiman, body language expert, analyze the gestures of his victims..

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Other hosts making the leap from VOA include Jerry Brooks and

“You could see the logic in it [moving to Potomac] since Tiger’s event was not going to be in Washington next summer,” Stott said Wednesday. “There are pluses and minuses, obviously. Whenever you have a championship over consecutive years, it becomes easier.

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If pre festival ticket sales are any indication, they will

Replica Hermes Belt They are calling the trip the Centennial Trek, because they are both Rotary Ambassadorial Scholars during the Rotary’s centennial year. Lauren and Brad’s goal is to climb safely and to raise money for two charities Indigenous Trees for Life and Feedback Food Distribution. The trees group helps poor families grow indigenous tree [...]