Smokefree DC is a citizen-based group whose goal is to promote smokefree environments in Washington, DC.

6 Gilman, 7 1, when the Greyhounds’ senior pitcher Brandon

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Designer Replica Bags How many sprinkler heads are there on campus, Affleck Graves was asked during a recent meeting with The Tribune’s Editorial Board.The university has been reducing the number of sprinkler heads in some naturalized areas of campus, which means some grassy spots may get a bit brown during dry spells, said Affleck Graves, who also is a business finance professor and holds the Notre Dame Chair in finance.”And we’re a little more scientific in how we position them,” he said. All the sprinkler heads now can be controlled from one central place, he said.For years, it was common for some Notre Dame sprinkler heads to generously water the campus sidewalks as well as the lawns. Senate candidate Joe Donnelly accidentally mistook a Marion County judge for the Democrat at a picnic last Saturday in Indianapolis Replica Handbags handbag replica, leading the judge to report the man to police, the Indianapolis Star reported Wednesday.Kurt Holland told police he had been hired to videotape Donnelly by the Indiana Tea Party and that his job was “to reveal how much the ‘party of the poor’ is actually led by rich people, in nice cars, in rich neighborhoods,” The Star reported. Designer Replica Bags

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