Smokefree DC is a citizen-based group whose goal is to promote smokefree environments in Washington, DC.

Zukerberg tops grading of questionnaires for April 23 special election

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We weren’t expecting this, but here are the results of Smokefree DC’s grading of our candidate questionnaires: marijuana defense attorney Paul Zukerberg topped the field with a “B,” while former Washington Post reporter Elissa Silverman followed with a “D” and ANC commissioner Matthew Frumin received an “F.”

Green Party candidate Perry Redd sent us a response — sort of. It’s hard to describe. We are posting the letter so you can read it for yourself.

Neither Anita Bonds, the pick of the Democratic establishment, nor Patrick Mara, the lone Republican in the race, responded to us. Michael Brown, who lost his seat last year and is trying to get back on the Council, referred us to his answers in a previous race(he got an “F”). However, we changed a few of the questions, so they aren’t totally comparable.

This questionnaire is a bit different from the previous one; we asked about candidates’ commitment to making bus stops in the District smokefree. As always, we looked for candidates who understand that secondhand smoke is harmful and that people deserve to be protected from it.

Read the candidates’ answers here:

Matthew Frumin – F

Elissa Silverman – D

Paul Zukerberg – B

Perry Redd’s response letter


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