Smokefree DC is a citizen-based group whose goal is to promote smokefree environments in Washington, DC.

Rector had the heaviest sailfish at 67 pounds

Lea was fifth. Rector had the heaviest sailfish at 67 pounds.Star Trek Six had a big sail on Friday, but the anglers didnt want to gaff it in case it was smaller than the Rodeo minimum of 70 inches. The sail, which Kowalski estimated at 60 to 70 pounds, finally popped the 20 pound line [...]

Emails show that, from the earliest months of Trump campaign,

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And let us not forget that Hoover and FDR worked together in the Wilson admin. FDR even endorsed Wilson for President in the 20′s. They were ideoligcal kinsmen. America went broke in the 1920 because employers refused to pay workers more than starvation wages. In order to recover from the depression, America made it LEGAL [...]

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Sometimes it takes a special athlete like King to elevate her

“And remapping is the first step in prevention.”The more accurate the maps, the greater the likelihood that zoning regulations, permits and construction will be in keeping with the lay of the land.Even bankers who have to rule on whether to provide financing for builders and homeowners and real estate agents will benefit from the information [...]

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