Smokefree DC is a citizen-based group whose goal is to promote smokefree environments in Washington, DC.

Twent firefighters were to be sent across the lake to take

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canada goose outlet store To midnight on Sunday, July 23. Monday, the Kamloops Fire Centre had picked up 15 new wildfires over the weekend, eight of which were confirmed lightning strikes.There are four new fires in an area that was called the Salmon Arm Zone, which is now part of the Vernon Fire Zone.On Monday morning, the Kamloops Fire Centre reported the fire in Wild Rose Bay was out.Twent firefighters were to be sent across the lake to take action on the remote Angle Mountain fire above Celista.”A rappel crew went in there Saturday to build a helicopter pad, but had to leave because of fire behaviour,” said Birkner. “They went back Sunday afternoon to finish the helipad and will be flying in firefighters.”The storm knocked out power to thousands of people in the Shuswap.BC Hydro crews worked through the night to restore power to some 9,000 customers.BC Hydro rep Jen Larsen Walker said most of the outages were located in outlying areas. canada goose outlet store

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