Smokefree DC is a citizen-based group whose goal is to promote smokefree environments in Washington, DC.

Grosso, Mendelson top Smokefree DC candidate questionnaire

Voting Booth

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The final questionnaires are in.

Of the candidates who responded, two rose to the top: David Grosso, who is running at large and received an “A,” and Council Member Phil Mendelson, who is running for Council chair and received a “B.”

The remaining candidates who answered the questionnaire primarily got Ds and Fs. We asked about everything from candidates’ willingness to support smokefree parks to how they would handle a query from a constituent grappling with secondhand smoke intrusion in their home.

To the candidates who spent time answering these questions, we appreciate your willingness to help us let voters know where you stand on a key health issue.

Secondhand smoke is a known health hazard. Although we have a strong smokefree workplace law here in the District, nonsmokers are still exposed to secondhand smoke every day.

The seven questions were designed to test candidates’ knowledge of tobacco issues as well as their commitment to the rights of nonsmokers to breathe clean air.

Here’s how the candidates stacked up. If a candidate is not listed, it means he or she did not respond. The candidates’ answers are linked to their names:

Council Chair – Calvin Gurley: F.  Phil Mendelson: B

At-large – David Grosso: A. Leon Swain Jr.: F. Michael A. Brown: F. A.J. Cooper: D

Ward 2 ­– Jack Evans: F

Ward 4 – Muriel Bowser: F


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