Smokefree DC is a citizen-based group whose goal is to promote smokefree environments in Washington, DC.

This is the story of a thousand Australian country towns

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New study: Secondhand smoke can harm those at outdoor bars, restaurants

Here’s some compelling evidence in support of making outdoor bars and restaurants smokefree: A new study shows that people who are exposed to secondhand smoke at outdoor bars and restaurants can suffer the same kinds of health effects as people exposed inside.

In the study, published in Environmental Health Perspectives, researchers collected urine and saliva samples [...]

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Some were able to count their blessings even as they faced a

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Read labels to find candy that contains no saturated fat

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Plastic elements can stick to the outer surface of volcanic

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A Family’s Journey From War Torn Syria To ChicagoNBC 5

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Tomorrow’s Tribune includes everything you need to know before

Sentencing is set for September 27th. Tomorrow’s Tribune includes everything you need to know before the Irish face Georgia Tech. We’ll also have updates from Atlanta here on South Bend Tribune dot com after the game Saturday and complete coverage in Sunday’s paper.

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Mechanic Spoke With GOP Gunman a Day Before AttackAn auto

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