Smokefree DC is a citizen-based group whose goal is to promote smokefree environments in Washington, DC.

Ward 5 candidates receive wide range of grades from Smokefree DC

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Candidates for the Ward 5 Council seat received grades ranging from “A” to “F” after filling out a Smokefree DC questionnaire that asked about everything from their willingness to support smokefree parks to how they would handle a query from a constituent grappling with secondhand smoke intrusion in their home.

Seven Council candidates completed the seven-item questionnaire. The election for the open seat will be held on May 15. Just one candidate, Kathy Henderson, received an “A.”

The seven questions were designed to test candidates’ knowledge of tobacco issues as well as their commitment to the rights of nonsmokers to breathe clean air.

We greatly appreciate the time that candidates spent to answer these questions. We are releasing these candidates’ answers so voters can learn where the candidates stand on a key health issue. Although the District has a strong smokefree workplace law, nonsmokers are still exposed to the toxins in secondhand smoke every day.

Candidates were graded on “A” to “F” scale, with “A” being the highest rating and “F” being the lowest.  Candidates who did not return a questionnaire were given a “0” rating.

The grades were: Kathy Henderson – A;  Drew E. Hubbard – B; Ruth Marshall – C; Kenyan McDuffie – D; Tim Day – D; Rae Zapata – D; Shelly Gardner – F.

All other candidates running in the primary received zeros because they did not return their questionnaires. To view the candidates’ answers, visit


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