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More questions raised about Evans' ethics

We’ve shown previously in this space the cronyism of Councilmember Jack Evans (Ward 2), who circumvented the public hearing process to give his buddies in the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick the green light to smoke cigars at their annual St. Patrick’s Day event.

Well, here’s an interesting piece that raises deeper questions about Evans’ ethics.

The Fight Back blog observes that the Occupy DC protests are in Evans district, but notes that:

Evans embodies precisely what the occupiers oppose: undue corporate influence on government. In addition to his $125,000 council salary, Evans earns $240,000 a year from Patton Boggs, but good luck trying to figure out what the councilmember does for the powerful law/lobby firm.

The Fight Back goes on to quote veteran D.C. reporter John Hanrahan, who questions Evans’ role in the convention center hotel deal. It seems as though Evans was very involved until the end, when he recused himself because the firm he works for represents Marriott, which was seeking city assistance.

Why didn’t Evans recuse himself sooner? And why hasn’t he explained his recusals to the Office of Campaign Finance and the Board of Elections and Ethics?




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