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Update on Evans: The conflict revealed

Jack Evans II
Turns out the conflict of interest that Councilmember Jack Evans (Ward 2) had with regards to the convention center development was with ING Clarion Real Estate Investment. Evans’ firm, Patton Boggs, represented ING, an equity partner in the hotel deal.

Evans is phenomenally myopic. This is from The Washington Post:

Evans confirmed today that Patton Boggs represented ING at the time. He said that he does not consider that to be an actual conflict of interest because ING has no direct business relationship with the city on the deal, only with the developers.

Huh? John Hanrahan, a former reporter-turned-activist, explains the problem:

What is troubling to activist John Hanrahan is not only that Evans declined to detail the reasons for his recusal for so long — he told Washington City Paper last week that he did not want to respond to Hanrahan directly, calling him a “]expletive] idiot” — but that Evans continued to shepherd the deal to fruition after the council votes, working with then-Attorney General Peter J. Nickles to clear up a legal dispute involving Marriott that threatened to delay or even scuttle the hotel project. Evans’s involvement, he argues, indirectly benefitted ING’s investment in the project.

“Jack Evans unrecused himself and … helped put this deal back on track,” said Hanrahan.

But it gets worse. Evans told Post reporter Mike DeBonis that he didn’t say anything about ING when asked about a conflict of interest last week because everyone was focused on a potential conflict they thought Evans had with Marriott.

Wow. So Evans thought he could just stay quiet about it and he would get away with it. What astounding arrogance.

Apparently Jack doesn’t think the rules apply to him. Yet another reason that it’s time for Jack Evans to go.





2 comments to Update on Evans: The conflict revealed

  • Loopie

    are you freaking kidding me? i come to your site to look for resources to make my apartment building smoke free and i have to comb through all of your political attacks on jack evans?

    what in the hell does a hotel have to do with smoke free anything??

    seriously, angela – you are threatening the relevancy of this entire organization with your rants. pull it together for the love of god.

  • Angela Bradbery

    Of 124 posts, I count 16 that mention Jack Evans. Most of those pertain to his move last summer to weaken a really popular law that many people spent years of their own time advocating for. Since he was attempting to do it under the radar screen, we decided to shed light on it so the public would know. What does a hotel have to do with smokefree? Plenty if, thanks to Jack Evans and Michael Brown, workers in that hotel are subjected to secondhand cigar smoke.

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