Smokefree DC is a citizen-based group whose goal is to promote smokefree environments in Washington, DC.

While D.C. weakens its smokefree law, Montgomery and Howard strengthen theirs

Women Smoking in Park in Northwest Suburbs, IL

Flickr photo courtesy of A Nu Life

While the D.C. Council is busy weakening the city’s popular smokefree workplaces law, neighboring jurisdictions are doing the opposite.

Montgomery County has passed a law making the common areas of multiunit housing, such as apartment and condo lobbies and laundry rooms, somkefree. It also requires the area within 25 feet of a community playground to be smokefree. The new law takes effect next month.

And Howard County just made all of its parks smokefree. Said Dr. Peter Beilenson, the county’s health officer,

“Residents should use the parks for fitness and fun. Removing the possibility for exposure to second-hand smoke ensures that our parks are clean, safe and healthy for residents and visitors alike.”

Kudos to Montgomery and Howard. I would like to think that D.C. would follow suit, but given this Council, and how cavalierly it just weakened our smokefree law, I am pretty pessimistic.

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