Smokefree DC is a citizen-based group whose goal is to promote smokefree environments in Washington, DC.

While D.C. weakens its smokefree law, Montgomery and Howard strengthen theirs

Flickr photo courtesy of A Nu Life

While the D.C. Council is busy weakening the city’s popular smokefree workplaces law, neighboring jurisdictions are doing the opposite.

Montgomery County has passed a law making the common areas of multiunit housing, such as apartment and condo lobbies and laundry rooms, somkefree. It also requires the area within 25 [...]

Neighborhood advisory council condemns D.C. Council's weakening of smokefree law

Here’s another silver lining to the day’s events: ANC 3F, whose treasurer is by Bob Summersgill, a member of Smokefree DC’s board, passed a resolution tonight opposing the Council’s weakening of the smokefree law. Here is the text:

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3F

Resolution opposing the Special Event Exemption for Cigar Smoking

Whereas, the Surgeon General has determined* [...]

D.C. Council passes exemption to smokefree law - again

Here’s what the D.C. Council didn’t do today: It didn’t entirely repeal the broad exemption to the smokefree workplaces law that it passed “inadvertently” last month. The language would have permitted 79 hotels to have one cigar-smoking event each year.

But Fight Night, a charity fundraiser, will get to have cigar-smoking at its next event.

The language [...]

D.C. Council to vote Tuesday on smokefree exemption

In an attempt to correct its previous error, the D.C. Council tomorrow is scheduled to vote on a measure that would permit cigar-smoking at one event: Fight Night, a children’s charity fundraiser.

Recall that last month, the Council inadvertently passed a measure that would permit 79 hotels in the District to hold smoking events every year. [...]