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Who knew? Bill Gates cares about secondhand smoke

Microsoft founder Bill Gates was in China recently, and guess what he was doing?

No, he wasn’t talking computers or touting an education initiative. He was talking about secondhand smoke. Specifically, he was raising awareness of the dangers of secondhand smoke in a country with a sky-high smoking rate. Said Gates, “Both [traditional and online media] let people know about the damage of forced smoking and give some education about how in a very polite way they can ask people not to put them in that situation.’

Gates appeared with the chief executive of Baidu Inc., which operates China’s counterpart to Google.

A third of the adult population of China smokes, and a million people die annually there of smoking-related illnesses. If action isn’t taken, that number could rise to three million by 2030, experts say.

China has instituted some anemic smokefree laws but it has a long way to go.

Way to go Bill!

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