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At American University, the wheels of progress turn slowly

Cigarette is no Good for You!

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We have written previously about graduate student Noah Jacobs’ persistence in attempting to get American University to enforce its no-smoking areas around campus buildings. He has shot a video of scofflaws, collected cigarette butts and brought them to the president’s office, and sent letters to university officials. Smokefree DC, in fact, sent a letter calling on AU’s  president to make the entire campus smokefree. (See previous posts here, here, here, here and here.)

So far … nothing has  happened. We didn’t get a response to our letter.  Jacobs has been told that the school is considering the request — which it has been doing for quite a while now. (Really, it’s not that hard, people.)

Last week, Jacobs sent another email inquiring on the progress of his request. Finally, this week, he got a brief response. In short, it said that a representative from another school (presumably Towson University, which has gone smokefree), visited AU recently to speak with university leaders about that school’s experiences with making the entire campus smokefree. They are still mulling the matter over.

Interestingly, the campus representatives seems to think that it will still be a while before anything happens. Here’s what she wrote to Jacobs:

[O]nce you become an alumnus, the AU Alumni Board will available to share your feedback with the university administration.

Jacobs is scheduled to graduate when he finishes his graduate project, which is August.

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