Smokefree DC is a citizen-based group whose goal is to promote smokefree environments in Washington, DC.

Smokefree DC, Center for Tobacco Regulation urge area universities to go smokefree

Snorkel Chute Curbside Mailbox

Smokefree DC and the Center for Tobacco Regulation at the University of Maryland have sent letter to seven area universities, urging them to follow Towson University’s example and go smokefree.

In the letters, Smokefree DC and the Center point out the health harms of secondhand smoke and the many problems associated with merely attempting to limit smoking to areas away from buildings. Smokers often ignore the signs and stand close to buildings, especially during inclement weather, meaning that secondhand smoke is sucked into buildings via open windows and doors.

The letters were sent to American University, Catholic University, Howard University, the University of the District of Columbia, Gallaudet University, the University of Maryland and Georgetown University. They were signed by myself (co-founder of Smokefree DC) and Rita Turner, deputy director of the Center for Tobacco Regulation, said:

Extending the life of even one adult or saving someone from a horrible death due to smoking-related illness would be worth it, not to mention the savings to the health care system.

If Towson University can do it, everyone can.

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