Smokefree DC is a citizen-based group whose goal is to promote smokefree environments in Washington, DC.

New York trending toward smokefree housing

Smokin' outside the hospital doors.New York, which was one of the early leaders in the smokefree workplace movement, may be a trendsetter when it comes to smokefree housing.

The Wall Street Journal reports that buildings are increasingly going smokefree.

At least half a dozen Manhattan co-ops are expected to ask shareholders during annual meetings this spring to vote on an all-out smoking ban that would prohibit residents from lighting up in their own homes, real estate attorneys say. Another dozen co-op or condo buildings are considering such a vote.

The story notes that some still balk at such a move because they worry about being sued. However, others rightly worried about liability if they don’t go smokefree.

Smokefree DC frequently hears from people who are subjected to secondhand smoke coming from another unit in an apartment or condo building. To assert their right to breathe clean air, those residents must try to persuade a management company or covenants committee to get the smoker[s] to stop. Sometimes the cases land in court, with building managers being sued for failing to enforce nuisance rules. It’s costly in time and money for those involved.

The solution? Make the buildings smokefree. Very simple.

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