Smokefree DC is a citizen-based group whose goal is to promote smokefree environments in Washington, DC.

Smoke-Free Housing Magazine debuts

For the past year, Jacque Petterson has been collecting stories and links to news articles about smokefree housing – public housing complexes that have gone smokefree, lawsuits filed over secondhand smoke issues in multi-unit dwellings, even information about fires caused by cigarettes.

Now she has put those in Smoke-Free Housing Magazine, an online publication that has [...]

Less than two hours in smoky casino will harm your heart, study shows

flickr photo by AbhijeetRane

Secondhand smoke is a huge hazard for workers and patrons at casinos, a new study shows.

A new study from researchers at Stanford and Tufts universities shows that being in a smoky casino for less than 2 hours an impair the heart’s ability to pump blood. The researchers studied pollutants in the [...]

New York trending toward smokefree housing

New York, which was one of the early leaders in the smokefree workplace movement, may be a trendsetter when it comes to smokefree housing.

The Wall Street Journal reports that buildings are increasingly going smokefree.

At least half a dozen Manhattan co-ops are expected to ask shareholders during annual meetings this spring to vote on an all-out [...]

1,000 butts to be delivered to American University's president

Ramping up his effort to make American University’s smokefree areas mean something, student Noah Jacobs has been collecting cigarette butts from the ground on campus. They come from the areas that are supposed to be smokefree but aren’t, because students ignore the building setback signs.

Jacobs, a graduate film student who has produced a video about [...]

Smokefree DC, Center for Tobacco Regulation urge area universities to go smokefree

Smokefree DC and the Center for Tobacco Regulation at the University of Maryland have sent letter to seven area universities, urging them to follow Towson University’s example and go smokefree.

In the letters, Smokefree DC and the Center point out the health harms of secondhand smoke and the many problems associated with merely attempting to limit [...]