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Thrifty, Dollar rental cars are now smokefree

This is great news: Thrifty and Dollar rental cars are smokefree starting this month, the company, Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, has announced.

I don’t rent cars that much, but last summer, I got one during a trip in upstate New York. Despite the fact that I had requested a non-smoking car when I made the reservation, the thing stank horribly when I got it.

By then, I had endured a three-hour airport delay, I still had a two-hour drive ahead of me and it had taken about 45 minutes to get the car, so I just didn’t want the hassle of turning it back in and trying to get another one. It will air out if I leave the windows down, I figured.

Nope. Despite leaving the windows down every night (except for the night it rained), the thing still smelled smoky when I returned it a week later. I honestly can’t remember which company it was, but I must say that now that Thrifty and Dollar are smokefree, I’ll definitely go to them in future.

I hope you do too.

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  • Noah

    That happens to me every time I rent a car; they say it’s nonsmoking but when I hop in it reeks of residue.

    I always ask for another car, and they usually just tell me to pick any car on the lot! This was National. They’ve been great.

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