Smokefree DC is a citizen-based group whose goal is to promote smokefree environments in Washington, DC.

Less secondhand smoke = fewer middle ear infections

A new study underscores the dangers of secondhand smoke to children.

Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health and the Research Institute for a Tobacco Free Society in the Republic of Ireland have found fewer cases of middle ear infection in American homes with less secondhand smoke.

Said the lead author, Hillel Alpert, who is with [...]

Thrifty, Dollar rental cars are now smokefree

This is great news: Thrifty and Dollar rental cars are smokefree starting this month, the company, Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, has announced.

I don’t rent cars that much, but last summer, I got one during a trip in upstate New York. Despite the fact that I had requested a non-smoking car when I made the reservation, [...]

District gets an F in tobacco control spending

The American Lung Association has released its annual report on how states and the District are doing in tobacco control, and the results are mixed for the District.

On the plus side, we got an “A” in the category of smokefree air. The grade was due not only to our strong smokefree workplaces law, but a measure the [...]

Towson University is now smokefree; other schools should follow suit

If you want to smoke at Towson University, you can’t — the entire campus has been smokefree since Aug. 1.

That’s great news, detailed by The Washington Post today. The bad news is that other area campuses haven’t followed suit.

The reason Towson went smokefree is to protect the health of nonsmokers, university officials told the paper. [...]

New year, new smokefree laws

On Jan. 1, a strong smokefree workplace law took effect in Savannah, Ga. (See earlier post for details.) It was one of many local laws slated to take effect this year.

Similar smokefree workplace laws that cover bars and restaurants will take effect in Lowell, Indiana; Brentwood, Missouri; Creve Coeur, Missouri; Jefferson City, Missouri; Devils Lake, North Dakota; Frisco, Texas; San Antonio, Texas; Fitchburg, [...]