Smokefree DC is a citizen-based group whose goal is to promote smokefree environments in Washington, DC.

Traveling for Thanksgiving? Know this: Three of the busiest U.S. airports are not smokefree

It seems appropriate that right before Thanksgiving, when so many people take to the skies, the federal government should issue an analysis of smoking policies in airports around the country.

I was somewhat surprised that any U.S. airports allow smoking indoors. But they do.

Of the country’s 29 “large hub” airports — defined as airports that accounted for [...]

Ruby Tuesday goes smokefree nationwide

Ruby Tuesday is going smokefree — in all 674 of its U.S. restaurants.

This is significant because few national restaurant chains have promulgated a national policy. Usually they abide by whatever the local law is.

Ruby Tuesday representatives said they made the decision for the comfort of their patrons and the health of their employees. The announcement [...]

“The industry should hold its board meetings in an alley”

Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen today wrote one of the best pieces I have ever read about the evil nature of the tobacco industry and the culpability of the top brass in hundreds of thousands of deaths and cases of illness.

I’ve often wondered, as Cohen does in this piece, what the heads of the tobacco [...]

Santa Clara makes apartments, condos smokefree

Three cheers to Santa Clara County, Calif., which just passed a law making apartments and condos smokefree. The law also applies to outdoor eating areas of restaurants and common areas of multiunit dwellings, the San Jose Mercury-News reports.

This is huge; the county is one of just a handful of jurisdictions, all of them in California, [...]

FDA rolls out cigarette warning labels; one highlights effects on nonsmokers

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has unveiled proposed warning labels for cigarette packs – a result of a law Congress passed last year that gives the agency regulatory authority over tobacco (the Tobacco Control Act). Specifically, the law requires nine new warning labels to be put on tobacco products along with color graphics [...]

Smokefree wins this week

South Dakota voters this week approved a comprehensive smokefree measure that will make almost all public places in that state smokefree, including casinos. The measure passed overwhelmingly.

And in several cities — including Fulton, Mo.; Jefferson City, Mo. and San Angelo, Texas, voters passed strong smokefree workplace measures that covered restaurants and bars.

So when are we [...]