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Burger joint closes after court battle over exhaust fumes

An interesting item is in the Washington City Paper blog today. Rogue States, a popular burger place on Connecticut Avenue just south of Dupont Circle, will close after losing a court battle over its exhaust fumes, which apparently permeated nearby offices.

And not just any nearby offices; these  house the legal powerhouse Steptoe and Johnson. We’re talking hundreds of lawyers who do not appreciate breathing exhaust fumes from a burger joint while they are trying to churn out those legal briefs.

Gee … fumes … permeating a work space … causing nausea and headaches … anyone see a parallel to secondhand smoke issues? Anyone?

Do you think this ruling could help office workers who deal with secondhand cigarette smoke drifting into their workspaces?

Stay tuned. We’re going to get the ruling and check it out.

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