Smokefree DC is a citizen-based group whose goal is to promote smokefree environments in Washington, DC.

What smokefree zone? Video captures secondhand smoke problem at American University

American Smoke from Noah Jacobs on Vimeo.

American University is known for being progressive, with students who are environmentally conscious and a faculty that emphasizes public service in the curriculum.

So people may be surprised to learn that the school’s signs designating smokefree zones are so vague and poorly (read: not at all) enforced that no one [...]

Metro theory: Red Line was shut down because of an inconsiderate smoker

Okay. I know this site is all about secondhand smoke. But I can’t help but note this item, brought to my attention by a fellow Smokefree DC board member:

The folks at Metro — Washington, D.C.’s subway system – think that a careless smoker was responsible for the Red Line shutting down yesterday. According to their theory, [...]

Go Bloomberg!

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to make the city’s parks, playground, beaches, boardwalks, plazas and other outdoor spaces smokefree. All of them.

Three cheers to Bloomberg! He knows that just because it’s outside doesn’t mean that people who are near smokers don’t inhale the carcinogens.

Bloomberg, who spent a lot of political capital when he [...]

Ventilation doesn't clean the air, new study confirms

A new study confirms what we have known for several years now: Ventilation doesn’t remove the carcinogens in secondhand smoke from the air.

Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis analyzed nicotine levels in 10 bars and 10 restaurants in the St. Louis area. Of those, 16 permitted smoking inside. Not only did researchers analyze the [...]

A chat with Fenty

On Monday at lunchtime, as I was walking down Connecticut Ave. NW  toward Dupont Circle to have my sandwich outside, I saw none other than Mayor Adrian Fenty standing outside Starbucks, campaigning.

“Great!” I thought. An excellent opportunity to finally get a response from the mayor to the request we sent him many months ago to [...]

Savannah’s new smokefree law is stronger than state’s

Way to go Savannah, Ga.! The City Council there has passed a really strong smokefree law that not only makes bars and restaurants smokefree, but covers outdoor areas of bars and restaurants as well as playgrounds, private clubs and retail tobacco stores, according to the Savannah Tribune.

What’s more, smokers must stay 10 feet from any [...]

News stats bolster need for smokefree laws

Eighty-eight million non-smokers –  including too many children — continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke.

So says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which has updated its numbers on the number of adults in the U.S. who smoke and the number of people who are exposed to secondhand smoke. Here’s the latest from the agency:

While secondhand [...]

Greece is going smokefree

Greece is going smokefree. According to CNN, the government’s slogan is “cut smoking, gain life.”

This should be interesting, because Greece has one of the highest rates of smoking among European countries — 42 percent of adults smoke. A whopping six of 10 workers surveyed said they are exposed to secondhand smoke at their workplaces every day. [...]

Ocean City contemplates smokefree beaches

Ocean City, Md., is considering making its beaches smokefree, the Baltimore Sun reports.

A town resident brought the idea to the Council, saying that smoking on beaches doesn’t fit with the town’s family-friendly image. Now the Council will hold a hearing on the idea after the city’s Oct. 18 elections.

This may seem radical for the East [...]