Smokefree DC is a citizen-based group whose goal is to promote smokefree environments in Washington, DC.

Outside or inside, Towson is smokefree

Three cheers to Towson University, which has just adopted a strong smokefree policy that covers all areas of the campus, whether indoors or not.

According to the policy, which took effect this month, no smoking is permitted anywhere on campus — including parking garages, open spaces, athletic areas, sidewalks, parking lots and buildings. There are no designated [...]

Don’t rely on ozone to clean the air

Ozone generators, used to get rid of the stik of cigarette smoke, do more harm than good, a new study shows.

The ozone mixes with nicotine to form more harmful chemicals that, because they are extremely small, can get deep into the lungs, according to researchers at the Univeristy of California’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

It has [...]

Guidelines to sharing walls omitted key point

Recently, The Washington Post ran an article containing guidelines about sharing walls with neighbors. It noted that “odors, especially from
smoking, are another fairly common complaint.” I sent a letter to the editor in, but it didn’t make it in. Here’s what it said:

Secondhand smoke is more than just a bad odor – it is a health hazard.
It [...]

I went to Vegas and can say unequivocally: Nevada needs a strong smokefree law

I was in Las Vegas recently for work (yes, I really did work) and was really struck by a few things:

1) The enormous quantity of lights of all colors, often flashing, all spectacular and all over-the-top.  I kept thinking about how much energy is wasted is keeping them shining. Even the water show at the [...]

Santa Monica says no smoking near apartments

Santa Monica’s City Council is forging ahead in protecting residents from secondhand smoke. The Council has passed a measure making apartment balconies and patios smokefree.

The new law makes areas within 25 feet of doors and windows of multi-unit buildings smokefree, the Santa Monica Daily Press reports. The city has already made outdoor dining areas and [...]