Smokefree DC is a citizen-based group whose goal is to promote smokefree environments in Washington, DC.

Mass. Ave. apartment building goes smokefree

Good news: A new apartment building on Massachusetts Avenue is making itself smokefree from the start.

Better news: The building owners, Equity Residential, views this as a selling point, and touts it on its website.

More info. is on UrbanTurf: The building, located at Massachusetts Avenue and Fourth Street NW, has two towers and 559 units. Read the comments at the bottom of UrbanTurf’s post; it’s great that people understand their right to breathe clean air in their own homes trumps other people’s right to smoke.

It’s worth making the point here that in multi-unit dwellings such as apartment and condo buildings, people can’t do whatever they want. They must abide by certain rules so they don’t disturb or harm their neighbors. For instance, they can’t have band practice at 3 a.m. or light a grill in their living rooms.

A smokefree policy is just another sensible rule to protect residents from the health harms of secondhand smoke, especially when you consider that cigarette smoke migrates through cracks, pipes and doors.

Look here for more information about what to do if a neighbor’s secondhand smoke is coming into your living space.

2 comments to Mass. Ave. apartment building goes smokefree

  • Bob

    If toilet, cooking, smoke, and other odors can penetrate the firewalls, so can fire. Did the building pass building code inspections? What keeps the grill smoke out?

  • David

    ok but who can afford to live there? we need affordable, smoke-free housing- this can’t be just for the most wealthy DC residents.

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