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How to make a condo complex smokefree

If you are a condo owner and need some guidance about making your complex smokefree, here’s one resource to check out: “How to Make a Condo Complex Smokefree” from the Technical Legal Assistance Center, which is funded by the California Department of Health.

While the details pertain to California law, the overall advice is sound no matter where you are. The paper discusses options ranging from making common areas smokefree to strengthening the nuisance clause of the condo rules to making the whole building smokefree.

2 comments to How to make a condo complex smokefree

  • Bob

    Firewalls should be intact and ventilation systems cannot share recirculated air in residential buildings, only in commecial buildings with exhaust fans for washrooms, kitchens, and shop areas. If building inspectors find the building to meet building codes, a ban is not needed.

  • Angela Bradbery

    Bob, that would be great if that really happened. In reality, though, cigarette smoke does circulate through ventilation systems, cracks in walls, etc.

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