Smokefree DC is a citizen-based group whose goal is to promote smokefree environments in Washington, DC.

The next smokefree state: Michigan

Michigan goes smokefree on Saturday, May 1, and people are, appropriately,  planning to celebrate.

Under the new law, which was signed in Decemer 2009, bars and restaurants will be smokefree, although casinos will be exempt. For more information, visit Americans for Non-Smokers’ Rights and the state of Michigan’s Web site.

Congratulations on your smokefree status Michigan!

Update: Quitline continues despite ALA DC’s demise

As April winds down, so too does the American Lung Association’s DC chapter (see previous post). Finally someone in the local media covered this – WAMU’s Rebecca Sheir. The good news is that the quitline that ALA DC has been running will continue at United Medical Center, thanks to a grant from the D.C. Cancer [...]

American Lung Association's DC Chapter to Close

Go to the Web site of the American Lung Association’s (ALA) District of Columbia chapter, and you’ll see this:

ALADC to Close its Doors This Spring.”

The item explains that as part of a restructuring, the D.C. chapter, as well as those in Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina, will close soon.

You’ll also see this item, a bit [...]

Secondhand smoke wars: Kassi's story

 The smokers finally moved out from 1150 K St. NW, a 130-unit condominium building, this week.

 So ends a saga that involved the property management company, the condo board (which held a meeting and a hearing about the case), two property owners, a contractor, one attorney and multiple residents of the building. In the end, the [...]

Ever wonder how many in the U.S. are covered by smokefree laws?

Want to know which states have smokefree laws that cover bars and restaurants, in addition to workplaces? How about what percentage of the U.S. population is covered by indoor smokefree air laws?

Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights, which does a terrific job of keeping track of every last smokefree law and proposal throughout the country, has updated [...]