Smokefree DC is a citizen-based group whose goal is to promote smokefree environments in Washington, DC.

Secondhand smoke bad even for smokers

As if smoking weren’t hazardous enough …

If you thought that a smoker’s secondhand smoke couldn’t pose any more of a health hazard to the smoker compared with the smoking itself, think again.

A new study in Environmental Health finds that secondhand smoke is indeed dangerous for those creating it – if the smoker is in an enclosed space. A person who smokes [...]

L.A. makes outdoor cafes smokefree

Following a national trend, Los Angeles is making outdoor cafes smokefree, the Los Angeles Times reports. The city is also making the spaces within 40 feet of food carts smokefree as well.

No opponents showed up at the city meeting when this was considered, which suggests that it’s really no big deal. It really isn’t.  The city already [...]

Hatchet takes a whack at sidewalk smoking story

In its latest edition, GW’s Hatchet takes a whack at covering the sidewalk smoking bill. Perhaps the story got whacked by an editor, because the reporters omitted a key point: that the purpose of the bill is to protect the integrity of the smokefree workplace law. 

Right now, smoke drifts inside some offices – including medical offices. [...]

Judge thwarts FDA's attempt to block electronic cigarettes

Now that we have a new administration, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is finally getting serious about protecting the public health. Most recently, the agency has tried to block electronic cigarettes coming from China. The jury is still out on their safety.

Unfortunately, a judge has disrupted the FDA’s efforts. Last week, as reported in [...]

D.C. woman wins court battle with smoker

We’d like to tell you about a D.C. woman had so much secondhand smoke in her apartment that she hired a lawyer. The tale could be helpful to those of you who are dealing with smoke coming into your dwelling from another unit.

The case went through the condo board and then to court. In what is believed [...]

Coverage of sidewalk smoking issue

I meant to do a short roundup last week of coverage of the sidewalk issue but got busy. Here it is, slightly delayed.

The Washington Post had a thorough story. It was quite balanced and explained clearly that the proposal is not a ban and it comes with no enforcement mechanism.  Channel 7 also covered it, [...]

Building owners soon will be able to post “no smoking” signs

The D.C. Council today took a solid step toward firming up the city’s smokefree workplace law and ensuring that workers aren’t exposed to secondhand smoke on the job. In unanimously approving on first reading bill 18-428, the “Prohibition Against Selling  Tobacco Products to Minors Amendment Act of 2009,” the Council clarified that building owners can [...]

North Carolina goes smokefree

Yes, even tobacco states can go smokefree. North Carolina, which produces about half the country’s tobacco, according to The Washington Post, went smokefree on Jan. 2. That includes bars as well as restaurants, making it a stronger law than Virginia’s (that state allows smoking in separately ventilated areas).  (Note that many localities in Kentucky, also [...]