Smokefree DC is a citizen-based group whose goal is to promote smokefree environments in Washington, DC.

Florida colleges go smokefree — outside

When I was in Florida over Christmas, I picked up the paper I used to write for many moons ago and saw an encouraging story: Florida Colleges Restrict On-Campus Smoking. It said that beginning next year, Florida Atlantic University will limit smoking to 20 spots on campus, with the goal of being totally smokefree within a year. [...]

D.C. tobacco bill inches forward

A bill that would enable D.C. businessowners to post “no smoking” signs outside their property inched forward through the legislative process today.

The provision, just a few lines long, is tucked into a much larger bill (B18-428) design to curb tobacco sales to minors. The D.C. Council on Public Safety and the Judiciary approved the bill [...]

Michigan will go smokefree in May 2010

Great news from Michigan! The state legislature has voted to make workplaces, including restaurants and bars, smokefree in May 2010. Now all the governor needs to do is sign the bill.

The downside is the exemptions, which are for three Detroit casinos, cigar bars and tobacco stores.

It’s interesting to read the AP article; you’ll see people the [...]

New WHO report: good news, bad news

The good news in a new report from the World Health Organization is that 154 million more people worldwide since 2007 are protected from secondhand smoke thanks to smokefree laws.

The bad news is that just 5.4 percent of the world’s population is covered by smokefree laws.  The WHO also noted that 600,000 people die prematurely [...]